Er diagram of paytm app

Er diagram of paytm app

Lucidchart is a visual workspace that combines diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration to accelerate understanding and drive innovation. Entity relationship diagrams ERDs help you understand relationships between entities within a system, such as customers, products, or order IDs. An entity relationship diagram tool like Lucidchart helps you conceptualize your database design before you build it, including the overall structure and the ways different types of data interact, if at all.

Our ER diagram tool simplifies database modeling, whether your diagrams are conceptual or physical. Drag and drop standard ERD shapes and symbols onto the canvas within seconds using our ER diagram creator. Differentiate relationships, entities, and their attributes. Or, select and customize a template by swapping symbols and notations to match your database structure.

Lucidchart makes it easy to visualize your database structure and build ER diagrams online. Our ER diagram generator automatically generates an ERD and draws relationship lines when you import your database tables and schemas directly to your toolbox. Worry less about updating your diagrams every time you make a change—Lucidchart updates your fields whenever you import new or revised database files.

Contrary to other ER diagram tools, Lucidchart eases the pain of managing your Salesforce database with our Salesforce schema builder.

The complex architecture behind Paytm’s simplicity

As a Salesforce admin or consultant, you can optimize your CRM faster and easier than ever before. Lucidchart automatically generates an ERD—all you have to do is simply import your Salesforce schema. Within seconds, start visualizing tables and relationships, and begin restructuring symbols and entities to discover new ways to customize your CRM. Invite team members to help you quickly assess the accuracy of your ERD as it grows larger and more complex. Lucidchart makes it easy to collaborate in real time as you draw ER diagrams online, whether your teams use Mac, PC, or Linux.

Share your document via email or URL, and use mention notifications and the comment locator to direct individuals to specific parts of your diagram.

You can also export your diagram to Jira or Confluence or include it in a company presentation to facilitate understanding among individuals with different levels of technical knowledge. Open the shape manager by pressing M on your keyboard. Entities represent a table in your database.

Depending on the subject of your diagram, your entity could be a customer, product, or even a physical location, like a bank.

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Relationships highlight how entities will interact with each other, if at all. Indicate entity relationships by drawing lines between them and then adding the appropriate cardinality on each end. Attributes are the specific properties or traits of an entity that are important in your model, such as the first and last name of a customer entity.ERD diagram shows the relationship of entities with each other. There are lots of online ER diagram tool that will help you to create the best diagram easily.

But, to choose the perfect and best featured tool is not easy. So, we have checked and observed various ERD maker and then shortlisted the 5 best ER diagram tools In addition to that, as all the tools are online, you can have access to your work from anywhere. Lucidchart is one of the best free ER diagram tool that will enable the database modeling fast, efficient and collaborative.

Also, it comes with lots of functions and is easy to use. Moreover, it is fully integrated with G Suite.

er diagram of paytm app

Visit Lucidchart Here. Then add a connector among the entity-relationship shapes, style and color that you want, An additional arrow style can be attached to the connector to illustrate the relationship between the different entities.

Visit Edraw Max Here. Create the perfect ER model easily and fastly with smartdraw. It comes with quick start templates and so you can just start your diagram quickly. In addition to that, you can learn and get ideas from its ER diagram examples. Visit Smartdraw Here. Creately is the best and free online ER diagram tool that offers you lots of templates. You can also share your work with your team mates as well as clients easily. Furthermore, you can have access to your diagrams from anywhere with creately mobile.

Entity Relationship Diagram(ERD) with Example in Hindi [PART 1]

Visit Creately. ERDPlus is the best professional database modelling tool that will help you to create the ER diagrams easily. Moreover, it comes with a great feature with the help of which you can automatically convert ER diagrams to relational schemas.

It is the simplest online diagram tool.Paytm had million monthly active users and processed close to 1 billion transactions in the quarter ended March. The simplicity of the Paytm app belies its complex architecture and the number of people who work on it. There are about product managers and engineers working on different aspects of the app.

At Paytm, a product is defined as anything a consumer—be it is an end consumer, a merchant or a marketplace seller—interacts with. For example, recharge is considered a product. Wallet, the most used product of Paytm, is another," Abbot says. P2P, P2M and B2B stand for person-to-person, person-to-merchant and business-to-business, respectively.

The idea of keeping all these products within the same Paytm app, according to Abbot, is that users should move from one product to another seamlessly. Integration of multiple products within the same app also helps Paytm cross-sell more easily to customers.

Stickiness of the app is another important focus area, says Abbot. The team, comprising 70 data scientists and engineers, develops multiple software tools. If you do a recharge, it marks you as a recharge user. It also upgrades you automatically, based on your behaviour or purchase history, according to Abbot.

CLM also segments users. Similarly, alerts are shown for soon-to-expire mobile recharges and other bills. The data lake, Abbot says, is a repository of multiple sources of data including phone usage data, transactional data and behavioural data. Machine learning ML algorithms train on all this data so that the alerts and promotions can be automated and personalized.

Industry experts forecast bright days ahead for mobile wallets. The number of mobile wallet users is expected to grow from the current million to around million in the next couple of years, says Probir Roy, co-founder of Paymate and an independent director at Nazara Technologies. You are now subscribed to our newsletters.The payment process starts at the click of pay button on merchant order summary page.

On this click, you need to:. Parameters of payload are provided below.

er diagram of paytm app

Generate checksumhash using Paytm library with parameters in key value pairs. Customer fills the payment details and is redirected to bank page for authorization.

Once the transaction is authorized, Paytm receives the response from the bank and returns a status to your website via your callback URL. Response attributes description and sample HTML form post is provided below. Checksumhash received in response of transaction needs to be verified on merchant server using Paytm library with all the parameters in key value pairs. Code snippets and Github links for the checksum utility are provided here. This API requires checksumhash in request and its verification in response.

The status should be treated as the final status of the transaction. Post completion of integration on your staging environment, do a complete transaction from order summary page on your website or mobile app. Once the test transaction is complete, move your code to live environment with production account details. Note that production accounts details are available after you have activated your account on the dashboard.

Lastly, it's recommended that you read about Managing Refunds and late payment notifications. In case of any issues with integration, please get in touch. Ruby on rails. Google App Engine. Add key. TrimRequest. This is a unique identifier provided to every merchant by Paytm. MID is part of your account credentials and is different on staging and production environment.Your money is safe with us.

We invest deposits only in government bonds. None of your deposits will be converted in to risky assets. Use your free virtual card to make online purchases across all merchants accepting RuPay cards. You can order a physical debit card through your Paytm App. Earn an interest of 3. Get a free insurance cover of upto Rs. Our account opening process is simple and completely digital.

Click here to know more. To become a KYC user, please follow the link below:. On opening savings account, you will get a digital card. To apply for a physical Card, kindly follow the steps below. As per the Govt guidelines, few banking services are categorised as essential services.

We therefore are committed to serve you and shall be operational with our revised business hours with effect from March 27, till further notification.

Dear customer, this is to inform you that Savings Account interest rate will change from 3. CopyrightPaytm Payment Bank. No fear. No greed. No entitlement. Join the Revolution. Start your Digital Savings Account today!

Top 5 Free ER Diagram (ERD) Tool Online 2020

Paytm Payments Bank offers a Savings Account with no account opening charges or minimum balance requirements.Electricity has become one of the basic necessities of our life, not just household but it extends its service to large scale industries. We use electricity for all-purpose be it our home electric appliances or huge machines in industries. Having such importance in our lives, it is also crucial to pay bijli bill on time to enjoy uninterrupted power supply.

Now no more waiting in long queues outside the EB bill payment centre or you don't have to even take out time especially from your tight schedule to head to the centres, all you need to do is make use of Paytm online payment services. You can pay your EB bill from mobile, laptop, tablet or any other device. People often miss out the last date of electricity bill payment that leads to extra payment of late charges.

Paytm offers a convenient platform for hassle-free bijli bill payment, avoid that additional late fee just PaytmKaro and pay electricity bill online in minutes. Paytm provides you with not only a fast and safe payment service but also provides you with cashback offers on your light bill payment.

Paytm provides you with flexible payment methods and multiple electricity bill payment offers. You can use the method of your own preference for payments which are backed by immense security. Wherever you are, pay light bill online following easy steps. Just log in to Paytm.

To help you with the online payment process, we bring to you the steps- 1. Click on the electricity board 2. You will get a drop-down of all the states 3. Select your state 4. Pick your electricity board 5. Fill in your consumer number 6. Enter the amount 7. Choose the payment method of your preference. With these simple steps, you can pay your Bijli bill very easily and save immense efforts and time.

Paytm ( Flowchart)

What is even better is that you can save you money on all your EB bills with many amazing utility bill payment offers. To calculate your bill from your meter reading, you need to follow these steps- Check and note down the meter reading. This value is in kWh KiloWatt Hour.PayTM is an easy to use payments that allows people to quickly transfer and store money in their wallet and use it to make any online and offline payments.

This is an article on how to use Paytm app. Gone are the times when you would have to run to your local recharge shop in order to recharge your mobile balance or go to the bill payment center in order to pay off your electricity bill. It is an all in one app, that eases all these tedious errands for you. Paytm initially started off by offering mobile recharge and utility bill payments.

Today you can use Paytm to book movie tickets, bus tickets and even flight tickets. One can also shop online on the app, starting from clothes to mobile phones. Getting Started Step 1.

Step 2.

er diagram of paytm app

You will now have to sign up and create an account on Paytm. Recharging your mobile number Step 1. On tapping the icon, you will get a list of activities you can perform on the app. Select the option stating whether your mobile number is Prepaid or Postpaid. Step 3. Enter the mobile number you want to recharge. On entering your number, your operator name Airtel, Vodafone, etc and region will automatically show.

Step 4. Now browse for the recharge plan of your choice. Step 5. Paytm offers you coupons which you can choose to avail depending on the amount of your recharge.

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